Local Shopping

We can guarantee that in the history of the universe, no host has ever regretted serving a cheese board. That’s because it’s among the easiest, most timeless of entertaining hacks and it pleases almost every crowd with minimal effort. Culinary trends may come and go, but good cheese never goes out of style. With just […]

By the Glass: Hard Ciders for the Holidays

By Larry Sterner Even for seasoned wine experts, choosing a universally appropriate bottle to pair with holiday meals is a challenge. That’s why instead of making such a recommendation this year I’ll instead urge you to take a closer look at hard cider, now enjoying a renaissance among millennial drinkers.  Given its range of flavors, […]

Sweet Talk

Chanukah desserts that light up a room By Elisa Ludwig The miracle of Chanukah isn’t that the oil lasted for eight days in the temple so much as that your guests waited hungrily and patiently while you batch fried latkes to order during your holiday get-together. To our minds, the whole idea of frying the […]

The Latest from the Franklin Institute

World Premiere Exhibit! The Worst-Case Scenario: Survival Experience. Based on the bestselling survival handbook series created right here in Philadelphia, The Franklin Institute presents the world premiere of The Worst-Case Scenario: Survival Experience. With a 76,000-ball pit as its centerpiece, a horizontal climbing wall and a train car jump, the exhibit immerses you in various […]

The Takeaway

The Takeaway: Gingered Pear Chutney Yields 1 cup If you’re not doing any of the holiday entertaining this year, we suggest a can’t-go-wrong host gift. Steve’s Gingered Pear Chutney tastes great with all manner of cheeses (see Local Shopping), especially if Gabrielle Hamilton’s beautiful cheddar crackers are involved. If you’re feeling extra ambitious, make both. […]

Fresh from the Oven: A Letter from CEO Christina Sterner

For as long as I can remember, my mother has made fruitcakes every year at holiday time. She used her mother’s recipe, written by hand, likely passed down from my great grandmother. Though in modern times they became more of a punchline in America, such fruitcakes were and continue to be common across Europe in […]

The Dish

By Executive Chef John Peralta When I was growing up my aunt used to make leche flan for special occasions. I believe it was the only thing she knew how to make, but it was the best thing on our holiday table, be it Thanksgiving or Christmas. This velvety, sweet custard with a sugary liquid […]

Seasonal Musings: Alternative Roasts

By Elisa Ludwig Turkey, prime rib, crown roast of pork, ham, brisket. Somehow our holiday menus have been defined by a narrow set of main dishes. While we have nothing against these classics, every now and then we want to break out of the mold, or the roasting pan, as it were, and try something […]

Fresh from the Oven: A Letter from CEO Christina Sterner

One of the joys of celebrating holidays is remembering our earliest impressions of these festive days. Growing up, the 40 days of Lent leading up to Easter marked fasting and reflection. (For us kids fasting meant maybe we would give up candy.) And so Easter was truly a celebration. As a little girl, it was […]

Party in Focus: The Franklin Institute Awards Dinner Planning Process

By Steve Poses For many years, Frog Commissary has had both the honor and challenge of catering April’s annual Franklin Institute Awards gala, our most important event. We think of it as our annual reminder to The Franklin Institute as to why they keep us around. We’ll go behind the scenes to show you what […]