Fresh from the Oven: A Letter from CEO Christina Sterner

One of the joys of celebrating holidays is remembering our earliest impressions of these festive days. Growing up, the 40 days of Lent leading up to Easter marked fasting and… Read More

Party in Focus: The Franklin Institute Awards Dinner Planning Process

By Steve Poses For many years, Frog Commissary has had both the honor and challenge of catering April’s annual Franklin Institute Awards gala, our most important event. We think of… Read More

Sweet Talk: Award-Worthy Desserts

Here’s a sneak peek at the sweets that will be served at this year’s Awards Dinner. Butlered Desserts Citrus Granite with rum, pineapple garnish Blueberry lemon streusel Dessert Miniature Station… Read More

TFI News: The Latest from The Franklin Institute

Marvel: Universe of Super Heroes debuts at The Franklin Institute! From the earliest Marvel comic books to original theatrical costumes of Black Panther and Captain America, Marvel’s most iconic comics,… Read More

By the Glass: The Days of Wine & Rosés

By Larry Sterner In case you hadn’t noticed, rosé wine is no longer just a “summer” wine, and we are no longer confined to Portuguese crock bottles or White Zinfandel. … Read More

Local Shopping

Meat has long been a staple of the holiday table, and nowhere is this truer than during the spring celebrations of Easter and Passover. If you’re not slicing up a… Read More

At Home: Planting an Herb Garden

By Steve Poses When I started this business some 46 years ago (yikes!), fresh parsley was about all you could get at the grocery store. There were no urban farmer’s… Read More

Seasonal Musings: Green Days

By Elisa Ludwig The harbingers of warmer days to come, tender greens and sprouts are symbolic enough to be appear on the Passover seder plate (where they are summarily dipped… Read More

The Takeaway: Don’t Fear the Matzo Meal

By Elisa Ludwig For those who observe Passover and take food seriously, there can be a little trepidation as the holiday approaches. Eating matzo for ten days is meant to… Read More

The Dish: House-Cured Salmon Gravlax

By John Peralta Curing your own salmon at home is easier than you’d think and very delicious. We’ll be featuring ours—lightly smoked and thinly sliced—as the highlight of our first… Read More