By the Glass

By Larry Sterner The holiday period is, for many, a time of celebration, special moments and toasts to mark them. More often than not, toasts call for sparkling wine. I… Read More

Coming Soon to the Franklin Institute

The Franklin Institute has had a wonderful 2015, welcoming the most visitors since 2007 and introducing new educational experiences, including the reimagined SportsZone. Next year will bring a slate of… Read More

Franklin Foodworks Du Jour

A large portion of Franklin foodworks’ customers are the kids of all ages who visit the The Franklin Institute—thus our hand-breaded chicken fingers, fresh made pizza and all-beef hot dogs… Read More

At Home

By Steve Poses Whether you’re a guest or host during this season of parties, you want to be gracious and flexible, easygoing and accommodating. Here’s my best holiday season advice… Read More

The Takeaway

By Elisa Ludwig This time of year, you never know just who is going to show up at your house and when. You may have an out-of-town guest for dinner… Read More

The Dish

In the catering kitchen we’re cooking up something especially exciting for 2016: new seasonally changing menus. While Frog’s sales and culinary staff has always worked closely with customers to customize… Read More

Party in Focus

By Tara Lyons In addition to the dozens of weddings, parties and corporate events Frog Commissary seamlessly orchestrates throughout the year, we also collaborate with The Franklin Institute’s Development department… Read More

Seasonal Musings

By Elisa Ludwig The official culinary history of why oranges are exchanged for Christmas is a bit murky—some say that the pithy fruit represents St. Nicholas’ sacks of gold; others… Read More

A Party 2,000 Years in the Making

“Heavenly” was a word used interchangeably to describe the food as well as the new exhibit at the”Vatican Splendors” Premier Party held at The Franklin Institute.   Over 500 guests enjoyed the… Read More

Celebrating One Year Anniversary at The Laureates Conference Center

Frog Commissary is proud to be celebrating our first anniversary in the Franklin Institute’s Laureates Conference Center.  The new addition to the Science Museum has added a dimension for our… Read More