The Team

Catering is a team sport, as Frog Commissary founder/owner Steve Poses likes to say. Superior catering and food service relies not just on masterful chefs, seasoned waitstaff, creative event designers and account executives that really listen to client needs, but in the ability for all of the team members to work together seamlessly

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At its core, Frog Commissary is simply a great team of people who are talented, hard-working and deeply committed to providing our customers with the very best dining experience. We value our dedicated staff and their tireless efforts.

Steve Poses
Owner/ Founder

Christina L. Sterner
Owner/ CEO


Michael Boris
General Manager

Elijah Spiritoso  

Stacey Jarman
Assistant Controller


Constance Rhynes
Catering & Event Planning

Beth Cooper
Catering & Event Planning

Tom Brown
Catering & Event Planning

Alec Chupik
Catering Coordinator


John Peralta
Executive Chef

Matthew Janson
Administrative Chef


Gregory DeVita
Staffing Manager

Tim Aubry
Props Manager/Dining Supervisor

Jarrid Baskerville
Equipment Manager/Operations


Rhonda Mumford
Restaurants Manager