March 30 2016

Ancient Texts and Modern Treats

This month, the touring Dead Sea Scrolls arrive at the Franklin Institute and we here at Frog Commissary couldn’t be more excited. Dead Sea Scrolls: Life and Faith in Ancient Times includes twenty of the scrolls found in the Dead Sea excavation of 1947—the earliest biblical texts ever discovered
. Visitors can also see a three-ton stone from Jerusalem’s Western Wall, limestone ossuaries from the early Roman period and limestone capitals from the first temple period.

In conjunction with this awe-inspiring exhibit, our event clients can arrange with the Franklin Institute to take their guests on a special exhibit tour. Themed menus like the one below will be available. We will also be serving specially themed menus in Franklin Foodworks. Group visitors to the Franklin Institute can preorder lunch and we will be providing kosher options as well. The exhibit runs until October 14, 2012. Don’t miss it!

Morrocan chicken phyllo hand roll with spicy tomato sauce
Fava bean salad with garlic, lemon and tomatoes in a crispy little cup
Kibbah – A deep fried cracked wheat shell filled with sautéed beef, onions and pine nuts
Kefta kabob – char-broiled ground lamb patties with onions and tomatoes
Small dishes filled with Jerusalem salad –
Diced tomatoes, cucumber and parsley dressed with tahina and olive oil
Grape leaves stuffed with rice
Hummus garnished with olive oil and paprika
Crisp sliced vegetables
Za’atar seasoned pita chips
Olive oil and fresh herb marinated feta
Pickled vegetables
Lebanese breads