September 29 2016

By The Glass by Elisa Ludwig


This is the tricky moment when it’s officially Calendar Fall but short sleeves are far more appropriate than sweaters. And spiked hot apple cider, mulled wine and glögg are still at least a month away from the stovetop.

What to drink, then, for those who are jazzed about the new season but don’t feel that pumpkin spice is always the answer?

This “house cocktail” has been a favorite for many of Frog’s fall partygoers. Apple and cranberry come together for a sweet-tart blend that’s balanced out with a hint of bitters and some bubbles. Think of it as autumnal anticipation in a glass.

Apple Cobbler
(From At Home by Steve Poses)
Serves 6

1½ cups Sour Apple Pucker
¼ cup vodka
1½ cups cranberry juice
¼ teaspoon Angostura bitters
6 apple slices, for garnish

1. Combine Sour Apple Pucker, vodka, cranberry juice and bitters in a pitcher
. Stir.
2. Fill six 12-ounce glasses two thirds with ice. Divide Apple Pucker mix between glasses, top with seltzer and garnish with an apple slice.

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