November 22 2010

Famous Carrot Cupcakes Available At The Franklin Institute

Mike DeNardo
KYW Newsradio
Nov. 22, 2010

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) One Philadelphia institution joins another to mark the rebirth of the cafeteria at the Franklin Institute.

What used to be Ben”s Bistro at the Franklin Institute is now rechristened the Franklin Foodworks, run by Frog Commissary restaurateur Steve Poses.

To celebrate the event, Poses is offering a version of his famous carrot cake cupcake with the “With Love Philadelphia XOXO” marketing campaign logo in the icing.

“What’s unexpected is, between the layers, there is a caramel-pecan filling that we really borrowed from a German chocolate cake recipe. So it’s those combination of elements that make the Commissary, now Franklin Foodworks carrot cake unique,” Poses said.

The cupcake sells for $3.49, and it’s available through Memorial Day 2011. You do NOT need a museum ticket to enter the Franklin Foodworks

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The "With Love" Carrot Cupcake from Frog Commissary

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