November 23 2010

Franklin Foodworks at the Franklin Institute to Offer a With Love Carrot Cupcake

Marisa McClellan
Nov. 23, 2010

The "With Love" Carrot Cupcake at Franklin Foodworks (photo by M. McClellan for GPTMC)

The "With Love" Carrot Cupcake at Franklin Foodworks (photo by M. McClellan for GPTMC)

What happens when you take a beloved 35 year old recipe for carrot cake, bring it to one of the city’s most heralded institutions and bake into those oh-so-popular single-serving cakes?

You get the With Love Carrot Cupcake!

The famous confection in question is the carrot cake originally served at The Commissary back in the seventies (it was my grandmother’s go-to dinner party dessert for at least twenty years). Since it was launched, they’ve served more than 44,000 cakes, each weighing around seven pounds each

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This behemoth cake has been scaled down into a cupcake, but has lost none of its charm. It consists of a super moist carrot cake, filled with a caramel, raisin and pecan concoction and iced with cream cheese frosting. Each is printed with the “With Love, xoxo Philadelphia” image, as you can see above.

Get it at the newly opened Franklin Foodworks (operated by Chef Steve Poses, owner of Frog Commissary), inside the Franklin Institute. The cupcake costs $3.49 a piece and easily serves two.

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