September 29 2016

Fresh From the Oven

As summer winds down to warm but briskly scheduled fall days, I canít help but reflect on the change of pace. Thereís something so enjoyable about the slower tick of summer, especially in the city
. Yet once youíre caught in the whirl of workdays, the new season buoys you along, ready or not.

Of course, this fall is even more frenzied, with the impending presidential election in November. Itís been a nail-biting several months, and Steve and I are fretting about the daily polls. Itís no surprise that the two of us are Clinton supporters. We refuse to believe that our country could allow itself to be led by Trump and the base instincts he has come to represent. Not America.

So as we look ahead to the final weeks of this historic candidacy, I urge you to step away from the daily media drama of the screen and engage with your community to help register voters and get out the vote.

Here a Frog, we were right in the center of the political action this summer with the DNC in town. In this issue, weíll look at the fabulous DNC parties we catered at The Franklin Institute. Weíll travel vicariously with Steve and our son Noah on their latest culinary jaunt through the Pacific Northwest. Weíre also sharing new ways to incorporate honey into your Rosh Hashanah holiday table and an apple cocktail thatís just right for the pre-frost nights.

Speaking of holidays, December is (gasp!) just on the horizon, so we invite you to start that never-too-early holiday party planning. Frog Commissary can help you take your celebration to the next level with inventive event concepts and incredible food. Contact us today to get started.


P.S. Please donít forget to VOTE! If youíre not yet registered, click here.

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