December 6 2016

Fresh From the Oven: A Letter From Frog Commissary CEO Christina Sterner

‘Tis the season for gathering with loved ones.

Steve and I just came back from London where we went to celebrate birthdays. The trip served as a needed respite after the intensity of the election. London is a vibrant food and arts town, as good if not better than NY. We explored the wonderful range of dining options, from Dinner with Hester Blumenthal and Nopi, to The Smoking Goat. We enjoyed the Abstract Expressionist Exhibit at the Royal Academy and the Royal Ballet at Covent Garden and much more, and were thankful to be so fortunate.

And speaking of thankful, this year’s Thanksgiving held a renewed sense of purpose. We reminded ourselves how truly blessed we are for the love of family and friends; the ability to have some small impact on people’s lives; for the excellent food we make and enjoy; and simply one more year of living!

I am also thankful for our amazing staff who work hard every day. We had a chance to celebrate those that have been with us for 25 years or more at a recent employee anniversary party, a truly special event that’s covered in this issue.

Also in this edition, you’ll find Steve’s definitive recipe for potato latkes and some thoughts for mixed families as Christmas and Hanukkah converge this year. Our chef Chris Greway shares a primer for cooking duck at home. If you have overnight guests coming to town, you’ll want to check out an easy make-ahead breakfast idea for a crowd. Larry Sterner’s By the Glass showcases the best wines for any holiday feast. Gift-buyers will discover plenty of local gift ideas in our guides to the city’s top bakeries and kitchen stores
. As always, we’re keeping you up to date on the latest news from The Franklin Institute.

We are appreciative to the brilliant Pascal LeMaître for his illustrations that you see here and in so much of our material.

Finally, we are so thankful for you, and look forward to a new year with our exceptional community of clients and friends.

Many thanks,
Christina L. Sterner