April 3 2019

Local Shopping

Meat has long been a staple of the holiday table, and nowhere is this truer than during the spring celebrations of Easter and Passover. If youíre not slicing up a ham, youíre probably dishing out a brisket or leg of lamb. Outside of Whole Foods, here are some of our favorite places to purchase good quality meat in the region.


Daveís Meat Market
2831 N. 22nd Street, (215) 228-6840
A friendly neighborhood mainstay for over 75 years, Daveís has all the typical meats plus harder to find pork kidneys, pigsfeet, chitterlings and more.

Giuntaís Prime Shop
51 N. 12th Street, (215) 627-6175
Reading Terminalís butcher stand boasts a wide variety and can usually source any cuts or parts you might need. Think veal shoulder, lamb roasts, goose, duck and steaks galore.

La Divisa Meats
51 N. 12th Street, (215) 627-2100
Also in Reading Terminal but with a more focused scope,  chef Nick Macriís La Divisa specializes in humanely raised pork, veal and lamb and also sells its own signature charcuterie.

Lombardiís Prime Meats
1801 Packer Avenue, (215) 334-1212
A family-owned South Philly institution is the go-to for any Italian cookery like cutlets available breaded and bread-your-own. Also be sure to try the homemade sausage.

Primal Supply Meats
1438 Passyunk Avenue, (215) 595-2255
A newcomer to the local butcher game, South Phillyís Primal Supply emphasizes sustainable, local whole-animal butchery, so donít be surprised to find cuts youíve never heard of and attentive service that explains what to do with them

Riekerís Prime Meats
7979 Oxford Avenue, (215) 745-3114
If your holidays will have a Germanic flavor, try this shop in the Northeast which sells its own bacon and wursts, but also carries cuts like pork knuckle and stuffed roasts.


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