November 14 2012

Memorable meals make memories that last a lifetime!

Twenty-eight years ago my husband and I were so very fortunate to have our wedding catered by your organization

Fred, my husband-to-be, and I had just purchased a 1960’s era house in Blue Bell, and we had our December wedding and reception there. We kept the guest list to twenty-five of our closest family and friends since we wanted the occasion to be more intimate. You couldn’t find a happier bride and groom.  We were blessed to have enjoyed a fairytale day with the food a big part of what made the celebration so special for us.  Although our kitchen was used in the dinner preparation, at the end of the day no one could have guessed that it had been such a busy place earlier because it was left spotless.

Fred and I decided not to go away for our honeymoon and instead to become acquainted with our new-to-us home.  Our wallets were in agreement with our decision.  Mother Nature presented these newlyweds with another gift because it snowed for a few days following our wedding.  How romantic to be with each other in our abode with a magnificent blanket of snow surrounding us.  Truth be told, however, a significant part of the pleasure was more than that.

Not all the food had been eaten on our wedding day so your staff had wrapped whatever wasn’t consumed and placed it in our refrigerator.  Thus, during our at-home honeymoon we feasted for days on the delicasies we had selected for our wedding menu.  Surely this was heaven on earth!

When Fred and I celebrate our wedding anniversary each year, with great fondness we remember the special day when it all began.  THANK YOU, STEVE, for helping to make it so magical.

Best regards,