March 30 2017

Sweet Talk: Dessert for a crowd the easy way

A few easy (and seasonal) ways to serve dessert to guests at home

For some home cooks entertaining a crowd, it’s enough to get a first and second course on the table—homemade dessert may seem like a bridge too far. No matter.

It’s incredibly easy to take shortcuts and still come away looking classy and brilliant.

Some winning ideas include vanilla yogurt with a swirl of fig jam and a sprinkle of candied nuts; your own assembled ice cream sandwiches, pound cake “croutons” (toasted cubes) tossed in fruit salad and parfaits with whipped cream, fruit and cookies of your choosing.

A few steps can yield big results: Buy a pint of your favorite local ice cream and serve it with lightly macerated raspberries. Melt some chocolate and dip a few strawberries. Poach some rhubarb and serve it over store-bought angel food cake. Keep a high quality store-bought cookie dough in your freezer (Condiment in the Reading Terminal Market is a good bet) and bring it out to bake off a batch as needed.

Or if turning on the oven or stove sounds too laborious, go even simpler. A selection of chocolates, particularly exotic ones, can make a fun end-of-the-meal game as guests guess their mystery fillings

Affogato—a scoop of ice cream with espresso and liqueur poured over it—will impress with a minimum of effort needed. And no one will turn up their nose at a thoughtful cheese platter with some dried or candied fruit and nuts. 

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