December 7 2015

The Dish

In the catering kitchen we’re cooking up something especially exciting for 2016: new seasonally changing menus. While Frog’s sales and culinary staff has always worked closely with customers to customize their event menus and bring in seasonal dishes when requested, the new offerings represent a more farm-focused approach.

Roasted Acorn and Butternut Squash

Roasted Acorn and Butternut Squash Bisque, served in an acorn squash bowl with pepperberries and seeded eucalyptus.

“More of our guests these days are educated about seasonality, sustainability and locality,” says executive chef Chris Greway. “They’re not as interested in serving asparagus bundles in November as they might have been years ago. They seem happy to have root vegetables now and wait until the asparagus come back to the farmer’s market.”

For Greway it’s an opportunity to constantly innovate and reinvent Frog’s cuisine. At a recent pre-Thanksgiving dinner party, he created a customized fall feast of whole roasted filet mignon with horseradish-herb crust, spiced maple glazed tricolor baby carrots and black truffle potatoes, along with new hors d’oeuvres like bacon wrapped brussels sprouts with maple gastrique and mini turkey pot pie vol au vents. “Our customers can now expect to see new and exciting items like these popping up on the menu all year long,” he says. “It’s a great way for us to keep it fresh.”

Some classic and traditional Frog favorites will always be available—there’s simply no limit to the demand for franks in blankets and Commissary Carrot Cake—but the menu will be more focused. The items themselves will be organized into categories such as Farm and Field, The Garden and The Ocean. Entrees will have chef-suggested seasonal sides and sauces.

Greway is eager to introduce the first seasonal menu, which launches in Spring 2016
. “Our customers can look forward to new dishes with all of spring’s bounty.” And yes, that includes asparagus.