Dessert Suggestions

Every meal needs a sweet ending. Our bakery’s inventions include simple confections, viagra divine patisseries and butlered miniatures that will end the event with a sugary kiss. The following are some of our favorite treats:

  • Molten chocolate cupcake with raspberry sauce, fresh berries and whipped cream
  • Pharaoh’s Golden Pyramid: Flourless chocolate pyramid, crowned with edible gold, plated on a pool of pomegranate sauce with berries
  • Fresh berries with zabaglione and rolled lace cookie
  • Espresso mousse layered with chocolate mousse, topped with whipped cream and chocolate-covered espresso beans
  • Raspberry Mango Cocktail: Mango curd, lime mousse, fresh mangos and raspberries

Buffet of Dessert Cocktails

Miniature créme brulee
Fresh berries with zabaglione and rolled lace cookie
Espresso mouse layered with chocolate mouse, topped with whipped cream and chocolate covered espresso beans

Butlered desserts

Mocha milkshake martinis with shaved chocolate rim
Little hot fudge sundaes
Warm spiced apple spring rolls dusted with cinnamon sugar
Mango, peach, lime, raspberry or coconut sorbet shooters
Little creamsicle milkshakes
Fresh baked chocolate chip cookies with little glasses of milk