May 27 2010

Steve Tip 6 – Decorating Hors d’oeuvres Platters

Decorating Hors d’oeuvres Platters

In the beginning say, about 30 years ago, our big styling strategy in the catering kitchen was to use flower blossoms on our hors d’oeuvres trays. I never loved this approach; the flowers had nothing to do with the food and staff tended to get carried away with over-flowered trays. To me, the food is the point, and the purpose of decorating any food is to show it off. Today, we use an occasional spray of orchids or a single blossom, but more frequently hors d’oeuvres are arranged on a bed of thinly sliced green apples or lemons. We also like to use a bed of dried beans, which come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors, so the effect is almost like a painted backdrop. (If you do this at home, take care not too use beans that are too small, as they could stick to your hors d’oeuvres and provide a potentially tooth-breaking crunch.) In general, when it comes to decorating platters, less is more
. Consider simply adding a sprig of fresh herbs or a bed of kale for a burst of green. Platters can be prepped long before the hors d’oeuvres are added.