September 10 2012

Testimonial – Wedding – Riesenberger

I know my mom already thanked you and told you how much we loved everything, but now I finally have a chance to sit down and thank you myself….You. Are. Amazing. I can only imagine all the behind the scenes work you and Frog Commissary did for our wedding. I appreciate every single little thing you did for my family and I. You really know how to make a bride and her family happy. You’re amazing at your job and you seem to truly care about your clients. I know my mom and I were a little bit particular about this special day in my life and you did such a perfect job of catering to our needs, remaining positive and keeping us calm. You went above and beyond. I appreciate how professional and thorough you and your staff were throughout my wedding day
. I felt well taken care of and did not have to worry about a thing.


You made me feel like you really cared about us and I will never forget it!


The New Mrs. Newman!